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Teresa Costakis RN, Sue Hart LPN Phone: (845)-871-5500, Ext. 5536 Fax: 876-5581

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Stay active, eat healthy, and get a good night's sleep to boost your immunity. Stay socially distant, wear your masks, wash your hands, avoid touching your face, cover all coughs and sneezes, and stay home if you are sick.

All health forms and physician's orders may be emailed to me (in PDF only) (NO Photos please) at: [email protected]

Please note that after January 2021- physical exams must be completed on the NYS form.

physical form 2023.pdf  -This is the only form accepted.

PLEASE GET YOUR FLU SHOT and COVID-19 Vaccine, when available-to protect yourself and others.

healthy diet sleeping  exercise  stay safe  wash your hands 

Please visit my Health Tips pages (on the left) for information on "Covid-19", "Flu", and "When to send to school or keep home".

Covid Mental health resource- NY Project Hope Coping with COVID.docx

mother taking sons temperature

New York State has established a Novel Coronavirus Hotline, which can provide additional information. Please feel free to call 1- 888-364-3065, that you may use as a resource or if you have questions or concerns regarding travel and signs and symptoms. Also, in order to stay up to date about COVID-2019, its treatment and prevention, please visit the following website links listed below:

Need help? Contact the Local Health Department-845-486-3402 for questions or concerns if you do not have a health care provider.

Sun River Healthcare-can assist families without insurance to see a health care provider -845-454-8204 in Poughkeepsie, or 845-768-1990 in Kingston



NEW: Asthmatics are advised to carry a spacer along with their inhalers to ensure safe and adequate delivery of their inhaler's medication. Please be sure to get updated orders from your physicians.

summer heat.pdf""

Heat-related illnesses occur when the body is unable to cool itself. The

most common heat-related illnesses are heat stroke (sun stroke), heat

exhaustion, heat cramps and heat rash. Click on the link for the symptoms and

first-aid responses.

BMI survey information and opt out letter.docx


Please note that the school nurse will notify the parent/guardian of any abnormal screening results.

Screening requirements have been modified for 20-21.

Tick Borne Disease Awareness Month.pdf

Learn how to keep your family and pets safe.

Lighten up those backpacks ""to lessen fatigue and injury!

Dear Parents/Guardians: ""

Sport Physicals are on hold due to the pandemic, but will be rescheduled for the 20-21 School year, once permitted. Physical requirements for sports have been amended to accept physicals from 2018-provided further clearance is not indicated, ( ie. illnesses, covid-19, injuries). Concussions and Covid-19 diagnosis will also require a gradual return to play for sports.

An updated health history will be required on Family ID-accessed through the school's athletic webpage no more than 30 days prior to the start of a sport season. Check the athletic page for updates.

Please encourage your child to sign up for a sports physical when a schedule becomes available.

Students may also see their own physician and provide a copy on the NYS Health Appraisal form to the school nurse. (No photos please.)

You will need to register for the desired sport on Family ID- (On the Athletics page of the school website). Registration opens 30 days prior to a sport season. Students must have new orders for any medications- inhalers and epipens each new school year. 

DentalHealthCertificate.docx-this form is optional, but is requested at the time of grade required physicals.

Immunizations: As of 6/13/19, State legislation passed prohibiting Religious Exemptions. In accordance with Public Health Law,

Immunization Information:

Immunization Req Letter to Parents 9 - 12_2.docx

Immunization Req Letter to Parents 6,7,8_2.docx

ALL Students entering grade 6 must have one Tdap and 2 Varicella vaccines

All Students entering 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th-one dose of meningococcal vaccine. Students entering grade 12- need 2 doses, unless the first dose was administered at age 16 or older.

Without the vaccine or a confirmed appointment, they can't attend school per public health law.

About the Vaccine:

  • It's not a new vaccine. It's been recommended for a decade.
  • Most parents already choose to vaccinate their children.
  • What's new is that the vaccine was required for school entry as of Sept. 1, 2016.

    About Meningococcal Disease:

  • It causes bacterial meningitis and other serious diseases.
  • Teens and young adults are at greater risk.
  • It comes on quickly and without warning.
  • Its symptoms are similar to the flu.
  • Every case of this disease can result in death or long-term disability.

Check with your doctor. Even kids who have had a shot before may need a booster to start school.

To learn more, visit

Immunization is Protection.

Click the link below for a copy of the flyer:

meningococcal vaccine flyer

Med Pick Up- Next Year web site post_2.docx

Files Links
Parent Medication Permission (PDF - 79 KB)

Physician's Order for Giving Medication in School (PDF - 138 KB)

Regulations Concerning Medication in School (PDF - 142 KB)

Self Medication Release Form (PDF - 87 KB)

Med Pick Up- Next Year web site post_2.docx

American Association of Poison Control Centers
    Resources and tips to keep your family safe from poisoning dangers including how to poison-proof your home.

Dutchess County Department of Health
    Provides of wealth of health-related information including immunization & clinic schedules, and other available services for Dutchess County residents.

Kids Health
    Provides "doctor-approved health information about children from before birth through adolescence." There are seperate sections for parents, kids and teens. This site contains articles, games as well as animations which were developed by experts.

Poison Center
    Poison Control Center for upstate New York including Rhinebeck, NY. Available 24 hours/day, seven days/week for emergency calls. Also has resources on poisons and information about educational programs.